The VR Box 2.0 is one of the best VR glasses from the Smart segment.
VIVDEALS.COM has been given the opportunity to him a good look at the paces. Read the sole VR Box 2.0 review.


We at VR Centre have divided the glasses in three categories.
Budget VR category of 1.- to 25.- euro
Smart VR category by 25.- up to 100.- Euro
VR Pro category: from 100.- Euro

The VR Box 2.0 is its average price of EUR 45.- so in the Smart segment. But with the VR Box 2.0 got for less than EUR 50.- or a professional looking VR goggles.

1st impression

What first strikes you when you VR Box 2.0 setup is comfort. The glasses feels very light and looks a bit like a ski goggles. The edges are coated with a foam that feels nice and soft. It molds well around your face, so you do not suffer from light.

Even for eyeglass wearers VR Box 2.0 is a good option! The glasses let namely
enough space in the frame to hold your own glasses.


Besides the quality of the screen of your smartphone, the lenses in your VR glasses are the most important part. And that is precisely where the VR Box 2.0 excels.
The lenses are of excellent quality. The adjustment possibilities are a big plus. For example, the lenses are easy to focus and to adjust to the combination of your face and your smart phone.

Quality Experience

The glasses are made of lightweight plastic so you while wearing almost forget you have the glasses on. At the same time, this lightweight glasses very solidly put together and the excellent workmanship. On the front you will find a slider allowing the camera of the smartphone can shoot freely.

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